Monday, 14 December 2009

Launch Party action

Stop press !!! Ambassador's Reception Launch Party


+ Jack Hemmingway & Friends up in the boudoir

January 30th 2010

The Horse & Groom Shoreditch
28 Curtain Rd EC2
Nearest Tube: Liverpool St

free entry before 11pm £4/£3 guestlist/ flyer

The Ambassador's Reception are proud to announce a new monthly reception party in London.
Your hosts "ambassadors" Loud-E & Stevie Kotey will continue with their mission, which of course is to "unite nations" with a captivating blend of disco music.

The Ambassadors have been taking there sound out on the road for many years now, but once the possibility of a monthly party at one of London's most friendly and easy going venues became available they grabbed the opportunity with both hands. They intend to give London arguably the best dance party in town.

Loud-E needs no introduction whilst searching the local flea markets of Holland and surrounding countries, he became inspired by the crazy party records he was finding. His shows on IFM and the now defunct CBS have become legendary.

Likewise Kotey has enough experience of the worlds night life, As a DJ he has been around the globe and knows how exhilarate any dance floor with the right selection at the right time. When these ambassadors get together you know you're in for a real musical treat.

Up in the boudoir Jack Hemmingway and friends take over with a playful yet passionate blend of boogie, disco and funk

Expect the unexpected at the Ambassador Reception and accept no imitations! Imagine The Studio 54 coming to the East End of London! But instead of Bianca Jagger riding a white horse through the club sipping on champers. Actually your more likely to see Bianca Jackson riding a white pony sipping on Cava. But the music played will make everyone lucky enough to get in feel like a million dollars be sure of that. See you on the floor

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Party time

In London this weekend? be sure to check this lovely dance party hosted by the Nadia and Say Yes party peeps.

LAST PARTY OF THE YEAR with Stevie Kotey (Ambassadors Reception) Myself and Thomas Whitehead for more info and to download the amazing halloween megamixes please visit:

See you on the floor !!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Disco Diva Delights Vol.1 is coming !!


Disco Diva Delights Vol.1

Welcome to the first instalment of the Disco Diva Delights series. The compilation will focus on ONE of the most important ingredients that is needed to make disco beautiful - the female vocal. Yes we all know that mainstream disco divas have been featured and covered to death and you should also know by now that the Ambassador's Reception doesn't do mainstream! So you won't find any Donna or Gloria here my darlings.

With that in mind, we decided to dig a little deeper and unearth some gems that you might know and some you might not. Compiled by veteran digger Stevie Kotey who also complied Disco Italia Strut/K7 last year. These nuggets have been tried and tested on the dance floor but will also provide perfect listening at home when you're ironing your flares for the weekend